Support Services

美洲杯投注 We provide?a number of different support services for international students, many available through International Student Support.

International Student Support provides the following services to all current international students of The University of Adelaide:

  • Guidance throughout your chosen program of study
  • Specialised advisory services for international students
  • Referrals to relevant contacts inside and outside the University
  • Advice and support relating to enrolment?and Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) matters
  • Social programs and promotion of activities for international students

International student advisors

International student advisors provide individual one-on-one support to international students.

You can make an appointment to speak to an advisor if you have:

  • personal issues
  • problems with your study
  • financial issues
  • questions about your student visa or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

More information

General advisors are available for all international student issues, as well as specialist advisors for Australia Awards Scholarship students, Home Government Sponsored students, and for students with CoE or enrolment related issues.

Advisors are available during office hours:
10.00am - 5.00pm Monday,
9.00am - 5.00pm Tuesday-Friday,
every week of the year (excluding public holidays).

To make an appointment to speak to an advisor contact International Student Support.?

If you are unable to attend campus to meet with an advisor, please email or call International Student Support to arrange a phone appointment.

Other support services

  • Careers service

    The?careers service?is a free service that provides current students and recent graduates with job hunting resources, resume assistance as well as interview and career advice. They also put you in touch with potential employers.

  • Counselling support

    In Australia, it's normal to seek help and speak to a counsellor if you are feeling?stressed or distressed, have academic anxiety or relationship issues, or if there are any other concern affecting your lifestyle. Counselling can help you achieve and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    Counselling in Australia is confidential and is not reported to any outside organisation. What you say in a counselling session is private, and will not be disclosed without your consent.

    The University's?counselling?support?service?provides confidential and professional support to students enrolled at the University of Adelaide at no cost.

    Lifeline Australia?is a personal and family counselling service that provides counselling for people of all ages. Lifeline is a safe and supportive environment adhering to respect for individuals and maintaining confidentiality of all its cases.

    For further information about maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle whilst succeeding academically have a look at the University's?UniThrive?website.

  • Disability support

    We understand that student disabilities can include a wide range of issues. The?disability support?website contains information on access around campus, services available to students with disabilities as well as useful contacts if you have any questions or need help.

  • English and maths support

    If you need assistance with your English or Maths skills, the University has support services that can help.

    English support

    The Writing Centre The Writing Centre?offers support to students of all English levels to write assignments and essays
    The English Language Centre The English Language Centre offers English language classes, and occasionally hosts free classes for all English learners
    Social Programs If you are having issues with your conversational English, you may wish to consider joining our?free conversation programs

    Maths support

    The Maths Learning Centre The Maths Learning Centre?helps all coursework students learn and use mathematics and mathematical skills in order to succeed at university
  • Peer assisted study sessions (PASS)

    The aim of?PASS?is to enable students to understand and apply key concepts in their study courses, and to achieve their best possible academic results.?

    PASS classes are?FREE?and are facilitated by undergraduate students who have mastered their respective PASS course.

    PASS is relevant for all undergraduate students, whether to improve from a Distinction to a High Distinction; a Pass to a Credit or to obtain a pass level

  • Legal assistance

  • Medical services and Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC)

    If you get sick when you're in Adelaide, or if you just want a check up, there are many options for seeking medical assistance.

    In Australia, for all non-emergency medical situations (e.g., a cold or a headache), you should visit a General Practitioner (GP) doctor. In emergency situations (e.g., a heart attack or broken bone), you can call an?ambulance (on 000) and/or visit the emergency room of a hospital.

    Read more about OSHC and the Australian health care system here.

  • Request a letter

    All support letters from the University are processed by?Ask Adelaide. Please use Ask Adelaide's?letter request form?to obtain a verification of enrolment or completion letter.

    If you require an official academic transcript, you can order this through the University's?online store.

    If your family members require an invitation letter for their visa application,?you write the invitation letter yourself - the University does not provide invitation letters. For general information about how you can write an invitation letter, see our?information sheet. Please note that the University cannot provide you with any specific advice related to your or your family members' visa application.

  • Student grievances

    If you have a grievance because of a decision or action by a University of Adelaide staff member, or the action of one or more University of Adelaide students, we will do our best to help you resolve the grievance.

    There is no fee or charge to students for accessing the?Student Grievance Resolution?Process.

    If you wish to speak to someone outside of the University about your grievance, you can consult an?Education and Welfare Officer (EWO).?EWOs?are not University employees, and are thus able to take an independent advocacy role on behalf of students.

  • Students with children


    Details on what services and activities are available for students with children can be found on the?students with children?page.