LCE Application Form - Language Partnerships

美洲杯投注 This online application form is for current University of Adelaide students who wish to register for the?language partnerships?stream of the LCE program.

You will need to apply for language partnerships at the beginning of each semester.


Personal details
Participation details

By filling in this form, you are expressing an interest in participating in the LCE program, Language Partnerships, which involves being matched with a 'pair' or group.

While every effort will be made to find a language partner for you, not all preferences can be met, in all circumstances.

Language and partner preferences

Please list the language(s) you have learnt that you wish to practice as well as your level of fluency for each language listed. You can nominate up to three languages. The information you provide will be used to generate a language partnership/group match.

List the language(s) you wish to practice in order of preference. Please be aware that there may be language capacity differences between you and the ‘language partner’ with whom you are paired.

While every effort will be made to match you with a language partner of your preferred gender, please understand that not all preferences can be met in all circumstances. Should you require a language partner to be a specific gender for religious or cultural reasons, please specify in the field below.
Further details

In order for you to take part in the Language partnership stream of the LCE program, we need to know a bit more about you including your background, interests and hobbies so that we can find you a suitable language partner. We encourage you to provide as much detail as possible when answering the following questions. The more information you write about your interests, the faster and easier it is to be matched.

You may again include reference to your language preference, nationality and time that you have been living in Australia or time that you expect to be in Australia as an International/Study Abroad or Exchange student.

Word limit: 100 words maximum for each response.